Village People!

Brookfield Village

 Every day a new sense of energy is evident in the Village… a stronger sense of community.Volunteers Needed


The Brookfield Village LTD group was created to encourage social gathering and create a healthy shopping alternative within this historic district of the city.


Greetings Community and Business Vendors!

We are pleased to provide you all with the Brookfield Village Farmers’ Market for 2014! Last year was a huge success and we look forward to working with returning and new vendors to make this year even bigger and better than the last.

This year we would like to incorporate non-food related vendors to our Market to create a wider customer base. We would love to have you!

There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available in the Village, FROM SET~UP to EVENT COORDINATING, FROM FACEBOOKING to PHOTOGRAPHY. I you have an idea or suggestion, or just a talent that you have to offer please share it with us! Check out the events calendar for an idea of some of the fun stuff we do and have!

The Market ALWAYS needs help and will run every Thursday through October 9th.

The hours are from 3:00 to 7:00.

If you have any questions, please contact:
****Dawn Farina Condon ****Email:

-Here are a few tasks and requirements for you to explore-


  • Village Booth, Entertainment Tent, Vendor Placement
  • Thursdays, 2:00 pm

Sandwich Board Setup

  • *set up 3 boards at specific locations*
  • Thursday mornings before rush hour traffic or late Wednesday nights

Yard Signs

new logo

  • *5 signs/person
  • *Set up and take down 


  • 1 sign for your yard 
  • 1 or 2 find permanent placement at a high visible business or resident 
  • Then you are only moving 2 or 3 around every week.

Weekly Blast

“The Village is in need of a few social media members, individuals to help write things for the blast or at least give me some ideas, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, etc…”

Welcome Booth

Need people to welcome guests, sell raffle, help collect bag items from vendors, contact winner, get emails collected from raffle entries to intern to (2)

“This is actually a lot of fun!”

You might have to explain who the Village People are!


photo (10)
Take pictures and send to Melissa to post on Facebook and web site.

 Social Media photo

*Facebook, Instagram, Website, Twitter, etc.

Printed Material Distribution

We need to get flyers and posters into as many businesses as we can, Library, etc.

Events Team4ibKBL59T

  •  As needed; 2-3 times/month
  • Brainstorm special events and come up with ways to promote special events at the market
  • Get flyers from Tim.


Nora Collins Performed Opening Ceremony

We have a list of several musicians from the market last year.

Schedule and organize musicians for each Market date.

  • Search for new talent.As needed; 2-3 times / month
  • Close the market
  • Take down tents, tables, chairs and store in shed.

Lock up

  •  *ensure vendors have no difficulties and encourage proper clean up
  •     Thursdays 6:45-7:15


*Only one to two people needed per week!Brookfield Village


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